Turku Institute for Advanced Studies (TIAS)

Turku Institute for Advanced Studies (TIAS) is a interdisciplinary centre of research excellence spanning the faculties of Economics, Education, Humanities, Law and Social Science. TIAS recruits researchers at two stages of their career: Postdoctoral (within five years of PhD completion) and Collegium (early-to-mid career). Recruitment to positions comes via an annual open, internationally-reviewed, competition with fellows awarded three year funding to undertake dedicated research projects. In addition to salaries, fellows also receive an annual research budget (currently 3 200 Euros) to spend on their projects. Strict limits are placed on other commitments. On average around 25 fellows are employed in TIAS at any one moment. We encourage internationalism including via allowing fellows to spend three months per annum working outside of Finland. Profile on Twitter: @tias_utu
University: University of Turku
Contact: Room 214
Arcanum (2nd floor)
20014 TY
Tel: +358 50 464 5411
Director: Prof. Martin Cloonan
Founded in: 2008
Focus of research: Interdisciplinary studies in Economics, Education, Humanities, Law, Social Sciences.
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