Membership / Participation

The network is open to all institutes of the UBIAS-type interested in collaboration and exchange. The network has set up a list of criteria that prospective members need to fulfill:


Institutes of Advanced Studies seeking to join the UBIAS network must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. They offer a substantial competitive fellowship programme that provides fellowships to international scholars.
  2. They are affiliated with an internationally respected, research active university.
  3. They fulfill a function for the university as a whole (as judged by their mission, organisational and leadership structure) and are thus not restricted in outlook to a particular discipline alone or affiliated with any single Department, School or Faculty.
  4. They offer programmes that foster interdisciplinarity.

If your institute is interested in joining the network, please contact the coordinating Institute AIAS and chairman of the UBIAS steering committee Morten Kyndrup, Execeutive Director, At a later stage, the steering committee will ask you to provide a statement addressing the above mentioned membership criteria. If the membership criteria are considered to be reasonably met, the applying institute will subsequently be invited to present its platform and activities followed by a Q&A at a Directors’ Meeting (held biennially). Following this presentation, it will be decided at the Director’s Meeting whether or not to grant membership.


While UBIAS will not consider applications from Institutes that are in the process of being established, the network encourages representatives of such Institutes as well as other institutions with a plausible interest to attend the UBIAS Directors meetings and UBIAS conferences. Attendance at these events is beneficial in that they provide emerging Institutes with the opportunity to draw on the experience of more established Institutes and to develop cross-institutional relationships.

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