UBIAS places great emphasis on supporting outstanding young researchers. They will be the intellectual leaders of tomorrow. The UBIAS-programme Intercontinental Academia is an exciting opportunity for young researchers from all over the world to engage with topics of fundamental relevance.

The proposal to create the Intercontinental Academia was brought up during the meeting of the Steering Committee of UBIAS, held in March 2012 at the Institute for Advanced Study Jawaharlal Nehru, in New Delhi, India. The initial idea was of the then director of the  Israel IAS Professor Eliezer Rabinovici. The IEA-USP and the IAR (Institute for Advanced Research) of the Nagoya University felt motivated by the insight of the Israeli scientist and decided to be behind the pilot project for this initiative, which operates as a joint venture.

Each Intercontinental Academia (ICA) promotes the scientific exchange between generations, disciplines, cultures and continents, investing particularly in young scientists aged between 30 and 40 years from different areas of knowledge to engage in an interdisciplinary collaborative study. Each ICA stands under the guidance of three senior scientists - of regional and international recognition - which will coordinate the activities.

Two ICAs have been realized: ICA 1 on the topic of “Time” was realized by UBIAS-member institutes IAR Nagoya and IAE São Paulo. UBIAS-institutes ZIF Bielefeld and IIAS Jerusalem were responsible for ICA 2 on the topic of “Human dignity”. An ICA3, the 3rd UBIAS Intercontinental Academia is entitled Laws: Rigidity and Dynamics and the first part of it was held in Singapore on 19-28 March 2018, the last part is forthcoming in March 2019 in Birmingham. The institutes responsible for the third ICA are IAS Singapore and IAS Birmingham, UK.

Read more about the ICA 3 here.

For further information on the past ICA1 and ICA2 programmes, please refer to the specific websites.



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