Madrid Institute for Advanced Study (MIAS)

The Madrid Institute for Advanced Study (MIAS) is a research centre created jointly by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Casa de Velázquez, as part of the development of the Universidad Autónoma UAM-CEI International Campus of Excellence. This is the first Institute for Advanced Study in the Iberian Peninsula, and its purpose is, by means of a policy of invitations to prestigious guest researchers, to reinforce and internationalise research, chiefly in the sphere of Humanities and Social Sciences, with a transversal perspective extending from the Iberian world to the global dimension. The MIAS accepts postgraduate researchers from around the world, chosen annually by means of a rigorous selection process supervised by the International Scientific Advisory Board. It has formed part of another prominent network, NetIAS (European Network of Institutes for Advanced Studies) since April 4, 2019,and has been part of and coordinates various international (RISE- REVFAIL, MSCA- GEMILLI, MSCA-COLEX) and regional (AmerMad) projects.
University: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Contact: C/ Einstein, 13 Pabellón C 1a planta
Tel: +619 030 831
Director: Prof. Antonio Álvarez-Ossorio
Founded in: 2016
Focus of research: Humanities, Social and Legal Sciences.
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