Institute for Advanced Transdisciplinary Studies (IEAT)

The Institute for Advanced Transdisciplinary Studies officialy started its activities in 2005, after six years on an experimental basis. Its mission is to promote transdisciplinarity by approaching, articulating and overlapping disciplinary fields and traditional areas of knowledge. In order to accomplish this goal, IEAT seeks its own identity by promoting transdisciplinarity, linking the contributions of the existing disciplinary methodologies, allowing strongly contextualized approaches, including the arts, science and technology, and generating new characteristics. Scholars from different parts of the world participate in research projects and a wide range of activities with the local scientific community studying alternatives for the improvement of the scientific, technical and social environments, in close interaction with UFMG. Seminars, workshops, publications, courses and joint events with scholars from IEAT, UFMG and abroad complement our chair and resident programs, where fellows develop their projects in a cooperative framework.
University: Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais - UFMG
Contact: Av. Antônio Carlos 6627
Unidade Administrativa III, sala 151
Pampulha 31270-901
Belo Horizonte MG
Tel: +55 31 34094123
Director: Prof. Estevam Barbosa de Las Casas
Founded in: 2005
Focus of research: IEAT is open to advanced and interdisciplinary research in science, technology and arts.
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