Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences (IAS)

The Nanjing University Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences (IAS) is a comprehensive university-level institution whose purpose is to break down existing barriers between subjects and departments, integrate the school’s resources, encourage interdisciplinary work, and raise the level of scholarship. Three kinds of long-term academic positions are offered at the institute: lecture professor, distinguished professor and scholar-in-residence. IAS holds three lecture series: the “Forum of the Masters,” “Academic Frontier,” and “Special Lectures.” The institute invites both Chinese and international distinguished scholars to speak at the IAS auditorium. Six interdisciplinary programs are associated with the institute, i.e. “Environmental Studies,” “Media and Culture Studies,” “Gender Studies” , “Urban Space Studies,” “Research on a Modern System of Knowledge” and “International Chinese Texts Studies.” The institute has had academic exchanges with a number of prestigious foreign universities as well as those in Taiwan and Hong Kong. The institute has become a window and platform for the internationalization of humanities and social sciences at Nanjing University.
University: Nanjing University
Contact: 9th floor, Yi Fu Building
22 Hankou Road
Jiangsu 210093
Tel: + 86-25-83593169
Fax: + 86-25-83592948
Director: Professor Zhou Xian
Founded in: 2005
Focus of research: Humanities and social sciences, in particular interdisciplinary research on topics such as society and the environment, gender, media culture, urban space, representational culture, and Chinese literature
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