Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies

Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies is an independent institute within the University of Helsinki. Its aims are: to enhance scholarly excellence within humanities and social sciences; to endorse dialogue between different academic orientations; to provide an innovative environment for concentrated study; to encourage theoretical and methodological reflection in research; to promote international visibility of Finnish research and interaction between scholars from all over the world. The Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies has a very competitive fellowship programme. Through its application procedure it appoints 8 to 12 Fellows annually for periods extending from one- to three-year terms. Both junior postdoctoral researchers and more established senior scholars are welcome to apply. Distinguished scholars from outside Finland can be appointed by invitation. We invite applications from humanities, social sciences, law, theology, and education, and from all those pursuing research projects related to human beings as cultural and social creatures.
University: University of Helsinki
Contact: Fabianinkatu 24
(P.O. Box 4),
00014 University of Helsinki

Tel: +358 (2) 94123644
Director: Professor Tuomas Forsberg
Founded in: 2001
Focus of research: The Humanities and the Social Sciences, Law, Behavioral Sciences, Theology
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