Fudan Institute for Advanced Study in Social Sciences

IAS-Fudan is an academic research unit created by Fudan University in December, 2008. It is an independent, non-profit and comprehensive academic entity, combining creative intellectual inquiry, the publication of leading periodicals, advanced training for talented young scholars, and high-level academic training programs. Now it has a total of 10 research fellows, 38 academic committee members, 21 adjunct professors and 13 joint-appointed professors. Prof. Anthony Giddens and Prof. Immanuel Wallerstein are the honorary deans, while Prof. Justin Yifu Lin is the honorary chair of the Academic Committee. At the first anniversary of the institute, Contemporary China Research Center, a center under IAS-Fudan, was inaugurated on December 20, 2009. IAS-Fudan has hosted several hundreds of distinguished scholars from all over the world for lectures, seminars, conferences, visiting scholar programs and other academic exchange activities in the past three years. It has established collaborative relationships with international academic institutions and organizations around the world, such as Yale University Center for the Study of Globalization, UCLA Asia Institute, Hebrew University Institute for Advanced Studies, Kobe University, University of Sydney China Studies Center, etc.
University: Fudan University
Contact: 2807, East Main Building, Guang Hua Tower
Fudan University
220 Handan Road
Shanghai, 200433

Tel: 86-21-55665552
Fax: 86-21-55665552
Director: Deng Zhenglai, Distinguished Professor of Fudan University, Dean of IAS-Fudan
Founded in: 2008
Focus of research: Legal & political philosophy, Frontiers & challenges in social sciences & humanities, Globalization, Localization, Social justice, Civil Society, World order, Governance, Legitimacy, Transition and transformation in transitioning societies, China studies
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