UBIAS Directors Conference 2016, Birmingham

The University of Birmingham's Institute of Advanced Studies is pleased to host the 4th meeting of Directors of Institutes of Advanced Study from around the globe. Under the organisation of the UBIAS (University-Based Institutes for Advanced Study) network colleagues will discuss the UK, European and global research environment and plan how our IASs realise the full potential of our network.

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UBIAS Directors Conference 2014, Taipei

In November 2014, the UBIAS Directors Conference, hosted by the Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences (National Taiwan University), took place in Taipei. UBIAS Directors from America, Europe, Asia and Australia gathered to discuss challenges and rising perspectives in a new age of globalization. The specific theme was the rising of East Asia and a Breaking Through Old Boundaries and Paradigms in a New Age of Globalization.

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Intercontinental academia

UBIAS is proud to announce the new project Intercontinental Academia. The Academy will bring together young researchers from all around the world. The proposal is to promote scientific exchange between generations, disciplines, cultures and continents, investing particularly in young scientists aged between 30 and 40 years from different areas of knowledge to engage in an interdisciplinary collaborative study under the guidance of three senior scientists - of regional and international recognition - which will coordinate the activities.

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UBIAS – a short introduction

UBIAS stands for “University-Based Institutes for Advanced Study”. Unlike traditional Institutes for Advanced Study, UBIAS are associated with or embedded within a university, and actively contribute to the academic culture and the scientific achievements of their home university. By offering various fellowship programmes on different academic levels (junior and senior researchers), UBIAS institutes bring together outstanding researchers from different disciplines, nationalities and academic backgrounds, creating a productive environment for innovative research. These common characteristics have proved to be a fruitful basis for mutual exchange, although the individual institutes display a large variety of different concepts and academic pursuits. With their individual profiles, they answer to the specific needs and strengths of their affiliate university. While many institutes have traditionally concentrated on humanities and social sciences, an increasing number of institutes now incorporate theoretical and experimental sciences.

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UBIAS network

The UBIAS network was initiated in 2010, when representatives from 32 research institutes worldwide met at the conference entitled “University-Based Institutes for Advanced Study in a Global Perspective: Promises, Challenges, New Frontiers”, hosted by the Freiburg Institute of Advanced Studies, Germany. The founding of the first UBIAS dates back 40 years. However, the last 10 years have seen an upsurge in the establishment of such institutes across the globe – and this trend continues. The network was established to enable structured forms of exchange in this growing segment, including bi-annual conferences and joint programmes between partner institutes.

This website aims to

  • provide a forum for mutual exchange
  • assemble some basic information about member institutes
  • and enable member institutes to share their news and events with a broader community
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